Cake "Berdyansk"

→ Cake "Berdyansk"

picture - Cake "Berdyansk"

To prepare the dough:

1.5 wheat flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

1 glass sour cream

1 glass sugar

0.5 glass chopped walnuts

0.5 glass raisins pitted

? h. l. 3% vinegar

? h. l. baking soda

To prepare the cream:

500 g milk

200 g butter

1 glass sugar

1 lemon

3 Art. l. semolina

Dough: Beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream, stir, add flour, knead the dough, add the vinegar, slaked soda at the end of mixing, stir quickly.

Divide the dough into 2 parts, one to add raisins, the 2nd - nuts.

Bake cakes at a temperature of 200 degrees, cool, cut each in half.

Cooking cream: milk porridge cook, cool and add the sugar and softened butter, whisk mixture mixer until fluffy consistency, grate lemon, add it to the cream and mix.

Grease the cake layers with cream, put on each other, alternating filling, place the cake "Berdyansk" berries and white chocolate.

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