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1 kg Fresh carrots ()

1 kg Apples (you can with sour before)

1 kg Sweet pepper ()

2.3-2.5 kg Tomatoes (red)

4-5 Bitter peppers (stuff)

250 ml Vinegar (3% concentration)

1 glass Sugar ()

240-250 ml Vegetable oil ()

5-6 g Chesok (olovok, not more than 300g)

10 � Salt (to taste)

Tomatoes, apples and peppers (and bitter, and sweet) mince. Carrots need to rub on a coarse grater. The resulting mass of mix and cook over medium heat for 55-60 minutes. Then, it is necessary to add sugar sauce, vinegar, oil and salt. Newest stir chopped garlic. Roll, stand at least a week, and you can offer to the table.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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