Aspic with perch in Ukrainian

→ Aspic with perch in Ukrainian

picture - Aspic with perch in Ukrainian

200 g horseradish

200 g green onions

2 kg walleye

10 bell peppers

1 bay leaves

1 root parsley

1 root celery

1 carrot

1 head onions

2 tsp gelatin (for 1 cup of broth)


Rinse the fish, to cut into fillets and cut it into portions pieces, put into a saucepan with the lattice, put peeled sliced carrots, celery, parsley, onions, add the bay leaf, pepper, peas, salt the, pour cold water, boil until tender.

Get ready to fish from the broth, let it cool down, out onto a plate or slice and arrange on formochkam.

Fish broth boil even with fins and bones, then drain and mix with the soaked gelatin in water, chopped green onions and grated horseradish.

Pour the fish broth, and when it cools down to remove the filler with perch in Ukrainian in the refrigerator.

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