The salted cucumbers - not only in the brine

→ The salted cucumbers - not only in the brine

picture - The salted cucumbers - not only in the brine

Soon the season will start cooking salted cucumbers, which in our country is popular as anywhere else in the world. Delicious, fragrant, crisp cucumbers can be prepared not only on the traditional brine - in this article we will talk about what else you can pickle cucumbers.

For the centuries-long history of cooking salted cucumbers in our country recipes invented so much that to try every one of them is not so easy. This ancient, time-tested recipes, and ways of modern recipes that have appeared relatively recently. In any case, to depart from the accepted traditions of the workpiece salted cucumbers, definitely worth it, at least for a trial. In General I would like to argue, and it is better to get down to business.

What you can pickle cucumbers?

For marinating and cooking delicious salted cucumbers that just do not use quick-witted and willing to experiment cooks: mineral water, vodka and even white and rye bread. Variants of marinade, you can find a lot, you feel the need to impress home.

Recipe of pickled cucumbers on mineral water

You will need: 1 kg of cucumbers, 1 liter of carbonated mineral water, salt, 2-4 tbsp. of salt, 1 clove garlic, dill.

How to make salted cucumbers on the mineral water. Wash cucumbers, cut off the ends on both sides. Put in a container for marinating dill on it - cucumbers, sprinkle with the garlic, chop the cloves plastics. Stir mineral water with salt, pour over the cucumbers so that it completely covers, put on top of the rest of the dill, cover and put into the cold night.

The cutting ends of cucumbers promotes more rapid pickling cucumbers, so if you want to make them quickly, be sure to cut the "butt" on both sides.

The recipe for salted cucumber vodka

picture - The salted cucumbers - not only in the brine

You will need: 50 ml of vodka, 2 tbsp salt, cucumber, currant leaves, horseradish, cherry, umbrellas, dill, Bay leaf, black peppercorn.

How to make pickled cucumber vodka. The washed cucumbers with two sides cut off the ends, rinse the greens, put in a container for marinating, throw peppercorn, the top lay the cucumbers. In 1 l of water to dissolve the salt and vodka, if more water - 2l, vodka will need 100 ml, and salt - St.L., if three - vodka 150 ml salt - 6 tablespoons, etc. Cold brine to fill the cucumbers, cover loosely with a lid and a day to leave the cucumbers.

A very interesting version of pickling cucumbers - on bread.

Recipe pickled cucumber on bread

You will need: 200 g of white bread, 2 kg of cucumbers, 75 g of salt.

How to make pickled cucumber on bread. Bread cut into pieces, put on the bottom of the jar, washed cucumbers vertically to deliver. 1.5 liters of water, bring to boil, add salt, stir, pour over cucumbers - the water should completely cover, cover, leave for 3 days.

A similar recipe, but not white, and rye bread, can be found in the Hungarian kitchen.

Recipe salted cucumbers in Hungarian

You will need: rye bread, cucumbers, horseradish, dill, vinegar, salt.

How to make salted cucumbers in Hungarian. Medium-sized cucumbers, rinse, trim the tips of 1-2 cm on each side, along the incision cucumbers, put in a jar, alternating with dill and horseradish. Put the cucumbers a piece of rye bread, sprinkle on it 4-5 drops of vinegar. The brine is prepared using 1 tbsp. of salt in 1 liter of water. Pour brine cucumbers, saucer cover the jar, leave it in a warm place for 3 days, then put into the cold - you can eat them.

To cucumbers was not wrinkled when marinating, steep them before cooking in cold water for several hours.

Salted cucumbers - it's always delicious and very appetizing, try to cook them on the proposed unusual recipes, maybe these cucumbers will love you even more than usual!

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