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picture - Borsch-Zhytomyr

500 g pork on the bone

500 g cabbage

300 g potatoes

200 g beet

200 g sour cream

50 g fat

1 head onions

1 carrots

1 glass beans young

2 tbsp. tomato puree

herbs, salt

Pour pork three liters of water, about 15-20 min to boil, add the beans.

Beet and carrot peel, cut into strips, add to the meat with beans, boil for 10-15 minutes

Potatoes cut into cubes, add to the soup with the chopped cabbage, salt.

Finely chop the onion, bacon crushed in a mortar (it is better to take the old fat), dill and parsley chopped.

Add the onion to the soup a few minutes before end of cooking together with al, and tomato paste.

When serving the soup in Zhytomyr dressed with herbs and sour cream, it is better to serve it in a pot.

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