Healthy Breakfast: how to make milk porridge

→ Healthy Breakfast: how to make milk porridge

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Milk porridge is always very satisfying, but with the right preparation and even tasty and healthy. To learn how to cook these clover need everyone who are watching their diet, trying to make it healthy. Let's talk about the preparation of dairy cereals.

Could there be anything better than fragrant sweet milk porridge for Breakfast? This Breakfast is very useful for children and for adults, because it saturates the body with healthy calories, allowing you to feel energetic and alert all day. No wonder since ancient times in Russia these cereals are very popular - they give strength, nourish us with energy, not only physically, but also intellectually.

In any of the cereals from which it is possible to cook milk porridge, contains a lot of good for the body and brain substances (vitamins, minerals), so that, after such a useful dish, you can gain strength both physical and intellectual labor.

Prepare milk porridge on the same milk, or mixture of milk and water. The second option for many it will be more useful for a number of reasons:

  • Cooked in whole milk porridge very high in calories, and for those who are watching their weight, not too perfect;
  • On the one hand, the milk may interfere with the absorption of some vitamins, on the other - without the fat contained in milk, some vitamins (a and others) is not digested, thus, boiling water and milk allows to observe the "Golden mean";
  • Increasingly nowadays there is lactose intolerance, including children, and cooking porridge only on milk can cause allergic reactions and digestive disorders;
  • In the presence of gastrointestinal diseases cooking cereals in a mixture of milk and water is preferred, because the consistency of this mess is obtained optimum is gentle and soft and enveloping properties of porridge, which at times are lost when cooked only on milk, preserved.

Thus, cooking cereals in a mixture of water and milk allows you to enjoy all the benefits of different types of cereals - pure milk and boiled water. Moreover, without the weight of a mass of unnecessary calories, you can enjoy porridge with a delicate creamy taste, which is not achieved when cooking grains only on the water.

Cooking dairy cereals products

picture - Healthy Breakfast: how to make milk porridge

Milk porridge boil out any grains, except buckwheat is a grain - the croup is diluted with milk already in cooked form. Rice, millet, oatmeal, barley, semolina, barley and corn grits - all these products can "transform" into a delicious porridge, and also by adding other products, you can achieve even more impressive results! Often porridge seasoned with a variety of fruit, jam, honey, dried fruits, vegetables - zucchini, pumpkin, etc.

As for the liquid component, except that the milk can, and even must be diluted with water, you can specify that the milk can be used as a whole and skim. In addition, prepare milk porridge using condensed (only for sugary cereals and powdered milk.

Milk porridge for Breakfast - boundless field for experimentation, the main thing not to be afraid and to try to prepare such clover in a variety of flavors: dense, liquid, additives, and sometimes you can even combine different cereals with each other. So, the rice goes well with millet and call clover "Friendship".

For cooking the most delicious dairy cereals use a thick-walled bowl with a thick bottom will not only tastier, but also more convenient, because there is less risk that mess in such utensils foothills.

Very often for cooking dairy cereals today began to be used multivarki - that's fine, because multivarka is somewhat similar to the Russian furnace, and means to cook it the same delicious porridge, as prepared by our grandmothers and all the Housewives in Russia for centuries.

How to make milk porridge

picture - Healthy Breakfast: how to make milk porridge

The stages in the preparation of dairy cereals same:

  • The liquid is brought to the boil;
  • In the boiling liquid is added grits;
  • Porridge is cooked to desired consistency.

Of course, there are cases when the ingredients are mixed in a more complicated sequences, for example, in the first pan of boiled water, poured cereal, then poured hot milk - we are such options will not be considered, since the base sequence is absolutely versatile and suitable for cooking any meals.

Recipe semolina

You will need: 500 ml milk (or milk+water), 50 g of sugar and semolina, 40 g butter, salt, additives - cinnamon, cocoa or grated carrot.

How to cook sweet semolina. Bring to boil salted and sweetened with sugar liquid, pour the semolina slowly, stirring constantly and avoiding the formation of lumps, cook porridge for 10-15 minutes Before serving to fill a cereal cocoa or grated carrot and cinnamon, pour over melted butter.

Pour semolina when cooked semolina should be using a strainer so will decrease the probability of formation of lumps, the porridge will be more uniform and gentle.

Recipe rice porridge with raisins

You will need: 4 cups of milk (or milk+water), 1 Cup rice, 3 tbsp sugar, raisins, vanilla, salt.

How to make rice milk porridge. Wash rice, add in the cold fluid on a slow fire to boil, stirring occasionally. Raisins, wash and add when the porridge is almost ready, also together with him, add sugar and salt, vanilla to taste. Butter porridge seasoned with the flow.

To cook this porridge can also cocoa, candied fruit, almonds, dried or fresh fruit.

Before cooking all the cereals, excluding cream of wheat and oatmeal, wash.

Recipe oatmeal or barley cereal with milk

You will need: 4 cups milk (milk+water) 1.5 Cup oatmeal/barley cereal, 1 tbsp butter, salt.

How to cook oatmeal or barley cereal. Bring the liquid to a boil, pour in a thin stream, stirring occasionally, cereal, 20-25 min boil until thick on low heat, salt to taste, add before serving, butter, sugar to taste, add if desired, the fruit dry or fresh, nuts, etc.

The approximate proportions of ingredients for dairy kas different consistencies:

For liquid cereal - 1 Cup rice - 5.5 cups liquid to 1 Cup of millet - 1.5 cups liquid to 1 Cup of oatmeal or barley cereal 5 cups of liquid;

For viscous cereal - 1 Cup rice - 4 cups liquid to 1 Cup of millet - 3.5 cups of liquid, 1.5 cups of oatmeal or barley cereal 4 cups of liquid;

For crisp cereal - 1 Cup of rice 4 cups of liquid to 1 Cup of millet is 1.75 a glass of liquid.

Technology of preparation of all dairy porridges about the same, only milk buckwheat is cooked differently than the rest.

The recipe for buckwheat cereal milk

You will need: 1 Cup buckwheat groats, 0.5 liters of water, milk, sugar, salt, butter.

How to cook buckwheat milk porridge. Cereal rinse and bust, dry, in a dry hot pan fry for 3 minutes Add the buckwheat in salted boiling water until ready to cook for 15-20 minutes, then drain the excess water, if it is in the cereal, add butter, sugar, salt, pour the hot milk and stir.

Welded only on milk or milk and water, high-calorie or low-calorie, with or without additives - any milk porridge leaves far behind on useful properties such Breakfast as different sandwiches, biscuits and snacks. Taking care of yourself and your family about the health and well-being, remember - there is nothing better for Breakfast than milk porridge!

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