Millet soup with garlic

→ Millet soup with garlic

picture - Millet soup with garlic

0,5 glass millet;

1,5 l water;

1 PCs carrots;

1-2 PCs onions;

3 garlic cloves


salt, pepper

To sort and rinse the millet, fill it with water and boil until soft, add salt. Chopped onion, carrot RUB on a large grater. Then onion, carrot fry and add to the pan to millet.

Cook soup for about 5 minutes, then add pepper and dosolit to taste, add the crushed garlic, chopped fresh herbs, turn off and allow to stand, covered for 5 minutes. For color you can also add red bell pepper. If someone thought enough tasty - you can add 10 minutes before end of cooking chicken cube.

This super - easy in all respects, useful in post, and as a dietary dish, and very helpful, when there is no time and nothing (and it happens) to cook. And the next dish, as are all brilliant - easy!

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